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The Essential Prenatal Supplements

Taking good care of yourself is important at any time, but when you are pregnant, you have an extra incentive to be healthy and to eat right. Pregnancy brings a lot of changes and your body will have different needs. For this reason, it is good to take a few supplements, to ensure that you and your baby get everything you need. Prenatal supplements are just like regular supplements, but they have more of certain nutrients to match your changing needs. Here are a few of the most recommended supplements.

  • Cod Liver Oil: Most of us are short on healthy fats. Cod liver oil is a natural and very soluble oil that is easy to metabolize. It contains high amounts of Vitamin A and D. And it is high in fatty acids containing Omega 3. These nutrients are essential for the baby, and good for your overall health, pregnant or not.
  • Probiotics: More and more researchers are discovering the important role of our gut biome. Having healthy gut flora can affect the health of your whole body. Many inflammatory and autoimmune conditions may be related to poor diversity of beneficial bacteria. Probiotics are not nutrients, but they help to ensure overall health and your intake of nutrition.
  • Folic Acid: Folic acid is essential to produce red blood cells and is critical for the health of the foetus. Several birth defects can result from insufficient folic acid. Folic acid is also useful to increase your energy levels.
  • Iron: Iron deficiency is very common in women, and when you are pregnant you will need twice as much. Iron can be taken as a supplement, but it can also be found in iron rich foods like beans, liver, and raisins.
  • Magnesium: Magnesium is important for many reasons, including muscle function and immunity. It also has a role in moderating blood pressure and is a protection against premature birth.
  • Prepared Supplements: It can be difficult to ensure that you are getting enough vitamins and minerals through diet and individual supplements. PregmaPlus+ prenatal vitamins in Australia by NutraCare, are one way to eliminate the concern. But if you prefer to be more hands on, you can find everything you need individually as well.

Pregnancy is a time when most people are extra cautious about their activities and the things they eat. But it does not need to become an obsession. With a little research and some new habits, good prenatal nutrition is easily achieved.

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