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Public Speaking: Difficult but Not Impossible

Throughout our lives, we encounter many things that require speaking in front of other people. This often comes up during school presentations, class reports, and even debates. We’ll also continue doing it well into our adulthood.

Some jobs require heavy presentations and public speaking, too. This skill is incredibly useful in the field of sales, academics, and entertainment where you need to speak well in front of an audience. It is essentially a tool for success in any field.

The ability to talk coherently in front of people is a skill that everyone should learn and master. It can help us navigate several aspects of our life successfully. But of course, like most things, there are challenges to mastering the art of public speaking.

The Fear of Public Speaking 

Speaking in public can be an adverse experience for some individuals. Some people see this as an anxiety-inducing activity that they would rather avoid than participate in. This can also be indicative of certain conditions such as social anxiety disorder.

Of course, other things can cause one to have issues with speaking in front of other people. For one, they may have issues with self-confidence. Apart from that, a lack of preparedness can also cause people to be hesitant to speak in front of people.

Build Up Self-Confidence 

The hesitancy to speak in public can root in a lack of self-confidence. Of course, one can build self-confidence through time. This is achievable through ways that are not even necessarily related to public speaking.

Changes in their daily habits can help build self-confidence. For one, they can start by setting small and achievable goals. Accomplishing these goals can greatly empower people. One should also be surrounded by supportive friends and family who encourage them in their endeavors.

A part of self-confidence may also root in perceived appearance. Being satisfied with the way they look can help them act more comfortably in front of people. Changing how they look may help their confidence. It would not hurt to look presentable with makeup if it’s that part of their physical features that they are conscious about. If they have dental and orthodontic issues, they can always consult orthodontic specialists to address the issue.

Being confident can also help them act more naturally when speaking in front of other people. This confidence will show even in their normal interactions with others. Learning this skill ultimately helps with their social skills.

Being Prepared Is Key 

Another big part that may affect their ability to speak publicly is their preparedness to deliver a public speech or a presentation. Of course, this can be remedied by preparing ahead of time. Knowing what to say, and even knowing that you know what to say, can help ease their anxiety brought about by the prospect of missing a point in your presentation.

Being prepared can help them control any fear that they have towards speaking publicly. It ensures that they know what they are talking about. Ultimately, preparedness can add to their level of confidence.

Practice Makes Perfect 

There are also times when knowing what to say is not enough to prepare one for public speaking. They can always fortify their preparedness by practicing their speaking routine.  Running a simulation can help them set expectations about their delivery. This gives them an idea about how they may sound when speaking.

Practicing can also help make up for their lack of experience. Doing this helps them create ways on how to connect better with their audience. This can also allow them to be more creative and experimental with their presentations.

People who struggle with public speaking can start with a small group of friends. Speaking in front of people with whom they are comfortable can help them transition better toward a group of strangers. If they do this often, they may be confident enough to a point where they don’t have to practice anymore.

Limiting One’s Life

Not learning this skill can greatly affect one’s quality of life. Hesitating to speak in front of other people can be very limiting as it can hinder the expression of one’s self.

This can even affect expressing ideas and experiences.  Doing this can affect how one relates to other people and vice versa. Ultimately, the fear of speaking in public negatively affects one’s social life and career.

With that, we should all try to overcome our fears of talking in public. This is not an easy feat. It may even take time to attain. But with constant practice and perseverance, this can be achieved.

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