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Great Activities to Keep You in Shape in Bangkok

Bangkok is a great city, but between the relentless heat of the summer months and the Covid lockdowns, it can be difficult to stay active in the city. Luckily, it’s Bangkok, and that means there’s plenty to do. Whether it’s at home, outside, or in a gym, here are some activities to get you off your feet and feeling good.

Run (Or Walk) the Green Mile

Let’s face it—Bangkok is not the greatest city when it comes to roads. The pavements can be cracked, split, or missing completely at times. For a runner, this can pose some serious safety issues. The parks in Bangkok offer great running trails and plenty of open space but are not always open and available. However, there’s a road known as the “green mile” running from Lumphini park to Benjakitti. This green pathway is popular for both walkers and runners and will help steer you clear of the Bangkok roads and traffic.

Learn a Combat Sport

Muay Thai is a popular combat sport in Thailand that draws in tourists all over just for training time. There are plenty of mixed martial arts experts around the city to help you learn MMA in Bangkok. Many gyms will offer beyond simply Muay Thai as well—typically you can also try your hand at kickboxing, boxing, Jiu Jitsu, and more. It is tough but extremely rewarding work. The right gym will have experienced professionals to help train you at your level and help you safely learn the correct moves in combat fighting.

Cycle Your Way Around the City

There are plenty of cycling lanes around the city, and bikes are a great way to work out but keep cool. Bang Krachao, Bangkok’s green lung, is a popular cycling spot. Bicycles are available once you reach the area, and the slightly narrow roads are amidst both water and trees, making for a tranquil ride. There is also a cycling path near Chatuchak market, where you can both bike and shop. Suvarnabhumi airport also offers a long cycling trail, away from the cars and traffic. Many of the parks around the city of Bangkok will also usually have a few nice, long roads—just be wary of the walkers and joggers around!

The hot and muggy Bangkok days can drain your energy, but even thirty minutes of movement is still better than nothing. With the right trainer and a dedicated schedule, you’ll start to look and feel better right away.

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