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Your Level Of Confidence Determines Your Inner Strength

The pressure of fitting in and evolving our personalities to suit people’s perceptions somewhat affects our mental health to a large extent. The era we live in is about maintaining a particular social status and constantly trying to flex only the best traits of one’s lifestyle. As with the enormous power of social media, there is little or no scope left to have a private life apart from these social platforms exerting immense pressure on young adults and teenagers. Many other factors determine young individuals’ self confidence.

Self-esteem issues can negatively impact the overall persona if not taken care of in the adolescent. Let us first understand the trigger points for low self-esteem traits in a person:

Frequent nagging:

Most often, parents are habituated to pinpointing the child’s flaws instead of rectifying them positively. It may damage the child’s potential to have an opinion and make independent decisions.

  • Equation among the parents-Kids growing up in quarrelsome households tends to suffer from depression and low confidence. To improve self esteem of those kids, parents must maintain a loving and supportive relationship with each other.
  • A healthy body has a healthy mind-Obesity is one of the prime reasons these days to overcome the productivity and functionality of young minds. So, we must incorporate the habit of consuming a healthy diet not only in adulthood but from the prior years of development itself. Ultimately, how we see our reflection in the mirror is directly proportional to how we feel about ourselves.
  • The academic pressure-One universal fact that remains constant for all ages is burdening children with expectations, and we want them to excel throughout their academic pursuits all the time. Most children undergo psychiatric counselling because of the enormous academic pressure they endure, which should be taken very seriously by parents and educational organizations.

These were some factors, to name a few, but there are many others if we try to understand them in detail. Mental therapists adapt clinical methods to determine the exact cause of self-esteem issues in individuals, and the most common among them is cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT).

CBT involves changing the pattern of dysfunctional thinking along with altering the behavioral patterns to help us think and react with a perception of a more confident person. The therapist uses different techniques such as restructuring our thought process, exposing us to our fears, instilling mindfulness, and training us with the skills to solve problems proactively. Following rigorous sessions with these procedures can restore an ample amount of confidence and self-esteem within an underconfident person.

If not treated promptly with a proper approach, these mental issues can lead to dire consequences such as chronic depression, acute anxiety, substance abuse, and also suicidal ideation sometimes. So, whether it’s about ourselves or anyone we know who is suffering in silence, always encourage them to seek psychiatric guidance. It is only possible if the taboo around mental health and inner well-being is eliminated from its core because most young individuals and adults don’t come out seeking medical help due to the prejudice involved.

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