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What Is Dialectical Behavior Therapy? Find Here!

Unfortunately, the talk around mental health is limited. We don’t talk about issues like anxiety, stress, depression, or suicidal behavior, because these are not treated as “regular” illnesses. Mental health disorders are often related to other conditions, like substance or drug abuse, and even chronic pain. Psychologists and therapists work with psychiatrists to offer a wide range of therapies and treatment, and there are dedicated clinics that focus solely on mental health. One kind of cognitive-behavioral psychotherapy is DBT, or Dialectical behavior therapy. In this post, we are discussing more on Dialectical behavior therapy in detail.

The basics

Dialectical behavior therapy is credited to Marsha M. Linehan, and it was initially developed to help patients dealing with borderline personality disorder. People with BPD or those prone to suicidal behavior, often have an extreme change in moods and emotions. They often end up in a personal crisis, where the brain cannot function rationally. DBT focuses on both acceptance and change. In recent years, clinics like MHS have used DBT for dual disorders, especially for patients who are struggling with drug or alcohol abuse and mental health issues like stress and anxiety at the same time. You can find more about MHS online.

The various components

DBT relies considerably on individual therapy and group sessions. Patients are given support, so that they can feel more confident and think positively about life. For instance, if a teen is dealing with substance abuse and cannot control his anger at times, he is told that ‘this behavior is not abnormal, but he can accept and change this’. DBT also involves group sessions, where patients talk with one another. Therapists and psychologists may also offer therapy on phone, if needed, and other health experts may be consulted at different points of time. The role of an individual therapist is of most importance, and they are often very involved with the patient.

In case of group therapy sessions, patients learn about things like distress tolerance, effectiveness and how to regulate emotions. Patients are also given homework, where they are asked to write down their emotions and thoughts, so that therapists can counter the same and bring a positive change.

Final word

DBT is only considered in selected cases, and only a therapist can decide on the same. If you want to know more on Dialectical Behavior Therapy, check online, and in case someone you know needs help, recommend them to seek professional medical assistance.

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