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The Most Common Anxiety Triggers

Anxiety is complex. Many don’t even understand that the unpleasant feelings they are experiencing are actually anxiety. This makes it hard to pinpoint triggers leading to a difficult path to treatment.

But there are some universal triggers that most people with anxiety experience, which can help people identify anxiety.

Of course, if you are ever experiencing signs of anxiety, it is best to discuss with a Phoenix anxiety therapist to get you on the path to a better life.


Consuming too much caffeine seems like a silly trigger for anxiety, but drinking too much caffeine can greatly increase your chances of experiencing anxiety. That is why those with anxiety disorders are usually very sensitive to caffeine. If you think caffeine is causing your anxiety to creep up, try to cut back and stick to decaffeinated coffee or drinks like tea.

Your Mind

Your mind is much more powerful than you think and negative thinking can bring on anxiety. The mind really does control everything in your body, especially your emotions. When you are upset, frustrated, or worried, you start to feel anxious. If you feel these emotions often, then you are anxious the majority of your life.

When you speak negatively to yourself, your mind spins out of control causing your emotions to go crazy. This brings on anxiety. Try to focus on positive things and speak to yourself in a positive voice. Working with a therapist can help you retrain your brain.

Conflict and Stress

Any added stress or issues in your life such as conflict with coworkers, a family member, or a partner can bring on anxious feelings. It is best to talk through these issues. Not only does expressing your frustration make you feel better, a therapist can help you find solutions to not only dealing with these issues but tackling them.

Personal Triggers

As mentioned before, some people suffer from personal triggers. These are triggers that are not common, but cause anxiety in some people, usually from a previous negative experience in their life.

For example, some people are triggered by certain noises or by an event such as attending a social party. There are many reasons for these triggers and anything in life can end up being a trigger. Once you identify these triggers, learn to overcome them for a life free of anxiety.

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