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Healthcare Facilities and Sanitation 

When talking about health facilities, firstly hospitals, your primary thought is probably hygiene. Today, it’s not that rare to hear or even see that some health facility leaders decrease the cost of the cleaning services, ignoring potential consequences to raise the salaries and to improve staff morale. That needs to stop. Here is why:

Spreading Disease 

Healthcare facilities should be our role models in taking care of ourselves and putting our health in the first place. This means that sanitation is a human right and that these facilities need to have proper toilets with enough drinking water and handwashing soap for everyone. It’s essential that every healthcare facility has clean water that is suitable for drinking at any time. Toilets are the main source of bacteria, so, without washing your hands, you’ll probably enter some of them into your body. Also, all wastewater from the sink and the toilet will go to the septic tank, and it can be a factor that affects general health. It’s on septic tank cleaning Miami to keep it maintained right. According to some researches from 2016, one in five health facilities had no proper toilets at all.

Hazardous Waste

Adequate infectious waste disposal is very important. On average, about 80% of waste is not dangerous, and it can be placed with general solid waste in trash cans that need to exist at every turn in these facilities. The other 20% is hazardous, radioactive, and infectious waste. This type of waste is more dangerous than you think because it contains used needles and other sharp things that can easily cause at least infection, or worse if you had contact with it.  According to some general rules on the protection of the environment and the safety of patients and staff, this kind of waste should be stored away from people and specially secured. Unfortunately, about 30 out of 50 countries lacked waste management services.

A Global Response 

To provide quality care, health facilities need to have environmental cleaning

(WASH) services, which refers to sanitation, provision of water, and general hygiene, abortion clinic Fort Lauderdale says. UNICEF is one of the many powerful partners from around the world, and a huge donor, whose goal is to improve conditions and raise awareness of the importance of general hygiene in health facilities.

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