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Get Your Teen Off Alcohol And Substance Addiction

Drug abuse can be defined as the illegal use of illicit drugs like cocaine and hallucinogens, or non-medical prescriptions like morphine. It is a debilitating disorder that adversely affects the addict and those around them. And the situation becomes direr when it’s your teenager who is afflicted.

Unfortunately, incidences of alcohol and substance abuse among adolescents are on the rise in the United States. And statistics reveal that California is no exception. State authorities continue to utilize such information to tailor and implement school-based intervention programs and prevention efforts. Substance use disorder (SAD) cases among young people are increasing at an alarming rate leading to an exceptionally high need for addiction treatment.

California is at the forefront of the battle line. There are numerous alcohol and substance abuse rehab centers specially tailored for teenagers. One can find evidence-based treatment at state-run organizations like CDHGS (The California Department of Health Care Services, or utilize the services of private entities such as California Addiction Help who will connect you to an appropriate treatment center.

Substance Abuse In California Among Teens

California has come a long way since the days of the Wild West. The explorative pioneers are long gone and the state is rapidly transforming, thanks to new technology and innovation. But this dependence on tech is causing a rift in society. People are less connected to real life and our teenagers are growing up in this highly complicated society, which has given rise to numerous social problems. And alcohol and substance abuse are among the most crucial issues.

The majority of addicted teens are introduced to alcohol and drugs by friends or family. They typically begin as experimental cases which develop into addictions that are deemed as a significant public health concern.

Among teens in California, commonly abused substances include:

  • Alcohol
  • Marijuana (although it is legalized for medical and recreational use in the state of California, the minimum age of consent is 21).
  • Opioids such as OxyContin, fentanyl, and Vicodin.
  • Other illicit drugs like methamphetamines, LSD, and cocaine.

What You Can Do To Help Your Addicted Teen Kick The Habit

The first step is to acknowledge that teen drug addiction is a disorder that can be treated with therapy and medication. The next phase is to recognize substance abuse issues and signs among teens. Challenges arise when it is time to confront the addicted teenager. Once you get them to accept that they have an addiction problem, you can discuss their unique needs for treatment to pick an appropriate addiction treatment program. The Internet is awash with resources that you can utilize to learn about teenage drug addiction. Websites like are made up of recovering individuals or people with family members who have sought help.

Final Take

If your teen is struggling with alcohol or drug addiction, there are numerous rehabilitation centers in California you can sign up to get comprehensive help and care. As a parent or concerned kin, it is of utmost importance that you understand teen drug abuse and all treatment options available to them. California Addiction Help groups are accessible to all. Through such channels, you can get your teen into quality drug and alcohol detox centers, medication-assisted treatment facilities, or residential inpatient and intensive outpatient rehabs.

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