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First-time Mom Dilemmas: Challenges Concerning Kid’s Health

Being a first-time mom is both exciting and challenging. Chances are, you are clueless about raising a healthy and happy child. Once your firstborn arrives, even the tiniest health challenges can flip your whole world upside down. This is since this is your first time being responsible for the health and wellness of your own child.

Many first-time moms find it quite difficult to address many health issues of their kids. More often than not, prevention is the key to keeping your little one happy and in great health. The following are five examples of the many health issues many first-time moms are guilty of facing and ways you can overcome each one.


Many first-time parents find themselves worrying every time their kids cry. It is an instinct to find what’s wrong with your baby when they cry. Know that most of the time, babies often cry because this is the only way they can communicate and not because they are sick or hurt.

Your baby might need a diaper change, is hungry, or wants to be held. Other times, babies cry because they are tired, thirsty, or in pain. If you find that your child is crying too often or their unexplained crying persists for more than one day, consult a medical professional.

Know that your child’s pediatrician will ask you a series of questions during the office visit. Be ready to answer the following.

  • Is she hungry, thirsty, sleepy, bored, or lonely?
  • Is your baby teething?
  • Does the baby have lots of gas?
  • What other symptoms does your baby have?
  • What have you tried doing to address such symptoms?

Dental Issues

Many new mothers have a hard time ensuring their eldest learn to take good care of their teeth. Kids would naturally fuss about any new experience they may have, like brushing their own teeth and visiting a dental clinic. The early you introduce healthy dental habits, the easier it will be to avoid dental issues that can hurt and ruin your child’s oral health.

It becomes a must that parents introduce good dental habits to their kids, like brushing, flossing, and going to the kids’ dentist at an early age. Make each experience a fun and engaging one to avoid scaring your eldest. This will help you avoid potential common dental issues that early childhood caries.

Avoiding dental issues from hurting your eldest won’t guarantee that your other kids will have the same experience. But then, you can use the experience to find ways and make it easier for your other kids to learn good habits from their eldest sibling. You will also have someone they trust to vouch for you once you start modeling dental habits to your children.


These days, we see lots of parents struggling to stop their kids from having a full-blown tantrum. Parents are torn between waiting for their kid’s tantrum episodes to finish and intervening, especially in public. Since kids are still learning how to communicate effectively, they turn to tantrums to cope.

There are times when temper tantrums serve as a warning sign for mental health problems. It is best to get a health referral if your child is manifesting the following tantrums.

  • Tantrums lasting for more than 25 minutes

Tantrums usually last for five minutes. Some kids have a tantrum episode for an hour and just a few minutes the next. But if your child’s outbursts often last for more than 25 minutes at a time, it is best to consult their pediatrician.

  • Frequent tantrums

Some kids go on a fit more frequently than others. But there are also those whose tantrum frequencies are alarming. If your little one has multiple tantrums a day or has between ten to 20 tantrums in a month, they could already be at risk for a psychiatric problem.

  • Aggression towards others, objects, or themselves

Self-injury, hurting other people, and showing aggression to objects during temper tantrums can be common. The problem starts if the child does this 90% of the time. The last thing you want is to constantly worry about your kid’s and your own safety during their episodes.

Not all kids who have temper tantrums have mental health issues. Sometimes, kids do this simply because they are bored, upset, frustrated, hungry, or uncomfortable. If you are not sure, ask their pediatrician for advice.

Many health issues concerning kids can drive first-time parents crazy. It is only natural that you fuss about the health and safety of your kids. This is why even experts recommend that you consult a professional if you are unsure what is wrong with your baby.

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