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Child Weaning Rules

The choice about when to wean your valuable child is yours.

The counsel from clinical specialists is following a half year, yet experience and the child’s health factors showed it’s no issue to acquaint solids with your baby as soon as 4 months.

Weaning rules

A child who is presented strong food sources in his diet should be in an ideal condition of health;
The presentation of new food will be step by step and dynamically;
Strong food varieties are taken care of with a child spoon;
Presented new food will be proposed and not forced, in the event that the child will deny a particular food, you shouldn’t demand, not trigger a psychogenic anorexia;

You won’t present two new food sources simultaneously for two reasons: on one side the child dislike one of them, or it might cause the child health issues like sensitivities or looseness of the bowels, and you won’t realize which was.

From the outset, strong feasts will comprise in some measure of breastmilk or recipe, which the child is utilized to;
The food varieties ought not be fiery or contain concentrated desserts, packaged juices, puddings, the best is just plan everything yourself;

Until the age of one year won’t give honey to your child;
As long as one year likewise keep away from food sources that can make sensitivity like cocoa, chocolate, raspberries, strawberries;

Assuming you utilize business arrangements particularly made for newborn children, they ought to be utilized in something like 24 hours of opening;
At age of 7-8 months you might energize child drove weaning and finger food varieties;

BLW (Child Drove Weaning) is an option to the “conventional” weaning process, an expansion of breastfeeding on request, which suggests, as an idea, to believe that your youngster knows what, when and the amount she really wants to eat. The youngster is allowed to eat strong food varieties from the start, picking what and how she wishes, it is given control (nearly) only of her food, is passed on to experiment, to find flavors and surfaces, to play with cuts of food… Obviously, the parent is the person who concludes what will put on the child’s plate.

In this manner, children who are given control of – and fulfillment – to take care of themselves, eating a more noteworthy assortment of foods,have the processing improved by blending food in with spit during biting, immediately foster hand control and appear to keep away from food varieties that later would make prejudice.

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