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Beat Disability and Start Exploring with the Best Mobility Devices

What is Disability?

According to statistics shared by the World Bank, 15% of the population in the world experience disability in some form. Disability is a condition that restricts a person from performing normal day-to-day activities. The term is the result of physical as well as mental illness or impairment. In some cases, individuals suffer from disability for a temporary phase. For example, if a person has gone through some accident, trauma, or illness and suffered from partial or totaldisability for a short time. Once the underlying ailment is diagnosed and treated, the person slowly returns to everyday life. In some cases, a person is disabled for a lifetime. It can be a birth defect or can happen later in his life.

Causes of Disability

Disabilities affect a person’s normal lifestyle to a great extent. Moreover, if the person cannot move independently without assistance, that creates a vast deal of suffering. External injury or ailments like Polio, Cerebral attack, Paralysis, or bone, nerve, or brain-related diseases can cause disability for extended periods. Often the aftereffects of these conditions last a lifetime making a person immobile. Stephen Hawking, one of the greatest scientists on earth, suffered from ALS (Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis). In this disease, the control of muscles is lost over time. Despite his condition, he achieved great success and died after nearly 50 years from ALS.

Solutions backed by Technology

Due to his condition, Mr. Hawking was bound to use a wheelchair all his life. He used technology extensively to overcome the challenges of immobility and speech. With technology making advancements in all spheres, there are some great inventions to ease the difficulties for disabled people.Be it visual, speech, or hearing impairment, or missing limbs due to amputation, assistive medical devices are creating headlines. AI and Robotics have also contributed largely to making prosthetic limbs and aids for other disabilities. Traditional wheelchairs have been there for many decades as an essentialassistive device to helppeople with disabilities with mobility. Wheelchairs and other assistive medical equipment have evolved and improved with time, considering the users’ needs. Electric wheelchairs are the latest innovation addedto this category.

Electric Wheelchairs – an advanced mobility medical device

Electric wheelchairs are improvised with added features and benefits to meet the requirements of people with disabilities. The primary difference is that electric wheelchairs function on Li-ion batteries, not human force. So, it saves energy and is more user-friendly. Also, these Disability Friendly chairs are lightweight and provide the utmost comfort. It keeps the spine aligned, preventing posture-related issues. The chairs are battery-operated and can cover 15miles of distance once fully charged. Considering the hygiene factors, the makers have used washable materials for the seat covers. Therefore, you can wash and reuse the seat covers whenever you want. The folding wheelchairs are perfect for travel as they are portable and easy to carry. Another issue users face is the unavailability of spares in the market. However, the spare parts of these wheelchairs are readily available, and the maintenance is hassle-free. Overall, these assistive devices are faithful companions for people with disabilities.

Live your life and start exploring.

People with disabilities often go through mental trauma and frustration when they cannot move around without assistance. It is hard to always depend on others for your needs. Electric wheelchairs give the freedom to people with disabilities to be self-dependant again. Not only are they better alternatives to manual ones, but they are cost-effective too. So, if you have been restricting yourself from purchasing an electric wheelchair due to budget issues, this is the best chance to grab one. The website offers detailed information on the latest innovations in the assistive and mobility devices segment. Sign up for the newsletter and be informed. The resource center creates awareness among society about the issues faced by the disabled and elderly people. This is a noble initiative as the disabled community primarily benefits from the understanding created among people. People are more knowledgeable and sensitive when interacting with disabled people.

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